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The Best Ground Blind Chair in 2022

Searching for the best ground blind chair? You are in luck, check my list for more info.

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I for one will admit that I’m more of an active hunter, I like to trek a lot and stalk my prey, but I have from time to time did my fair share of hunting from blinds. That being said, from my short experience a good blind chair is a make or break on a long hunt.
Heck, a good chair, in general, is a blessing when you have to sit in it for extended periods of time. And I bet I don’t even have to mention what’s it’s like to sit in a bad one. It usually starts with reduced blood flow to your legs and ends with serious back pain when you get up and then have to take the first few steps like your 100 years old before you can straight up.
That basic principle also applies to blind chairs, because they’re just chairs, after all, right? Now I’ve made a shortlist of what I’ve sat on, and what others have sat on, and which ticked all the right boxes. So, if you’re on the market for the best ground blind chair there is, look no more.

Best ground blind chair reviewed

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth

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Best ground blind chair- Best overall
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One choice I recommend is the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth chair, which I know from experience is one of the top choices for hunters all over.

You get a rugged powder-coated steel frame that should be able to withstand some punishment and fully adjustable legs which have wide ball and socket feet for placing them on uneven terrain. All that steel will come with a downside, and that is this chair weighs a bit over sixteen and a half pounds. The good thing is that it’s actually quite compact so handling it to and from the blind shouldn’t be such a hassle. The elevation range is also very good, ranging from 19” off the ground to 23” so it should fit a lot of blinds.

Maximum load size is about 275 pounds, but it would be wise not to max that limit. That can prevent the chair from swiveling properly.

Some of the negatives that can be said relate to the fabric which is used. Some seats are prone to fraying, but it doesn’t happen that often and it might squeak during the swivel (WD40 will fix that).



Maximum comfort with a wide backrest

If you are unlucky the fabric may fray

360-degree swivel

Independently adjustable legs

All in all, this is one of the best ground hunting blind chairs, even if you consider the faulty fabric. At the end of the day, nothing will last you forever. The only thing that we can do is try to get the best-made product we can and then maintain it so that it lasts as much as possible.

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Millennium G100 Shooting Chair

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Best ground blind chair – Best premium option
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This is what I would call a top-of-the-line model. It has almost any feature you would want from a hunting chair, whilst still remaining a chair. Just by looking at it you can tell that it’s been designed for one thing, and one thing only, hunting.

Some of the features that may catch your fancy are the 360 degrees of motion, adjustable tripod legs and a custom ComfortMAX backrest that promises to keep you comfortable for as long as you sit in it.

The G100s quality is evident from the moment you sit in it, to the materials used, the smoothness of the swivel, the sturdy frame, and the comfortable backrest. You would think that all this quality will come with a huge amount of weight but thanks to its aluminum frame it should only weigh in at 8.5 lbs. In reality, the weight is closer to 10 lbs., but that’s still a very decent number for such a sturdy chair.

You even have pre-drilled holes for mounting the G101 shooting stick (which is sold separately).



Extremely comfortable to sit in

Nothing that I can think of

Great build quality

400 lbs. weight capacity

I have one of these chairs and honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. In my mind, this is the perfect balance of quality features, great build frame, and price. It’s at a great quality/price ratio and that in itself should make it an automatic buy for any hunter out there in search of the best ground hunting chair.

ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Hunting Stool

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Best ground blind chair – Another great option
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I would rate this piece of gear from ALPS as one of the best hunting stools for the money. I know that it looks just like a normal camping stool but it does have some features that are tailored towards the hunting crowd.

Starting with the extra-wide 19” X 19” seating triangle that will make sitting for longs periods as comfortable as you can be on a stool. The extra-wide seat is also useful for hunters in winter clothing, so you should find you have enough room regardless of the weather. It also has a slight backward angle so that you don’t drift out of it, and it keeps you stabled and braced even when shooting.

You also get two large mesh pockets for ample storage space. The whole package weighs just around 5 lbs. so it’s really light and it folds up in seconds. Thanks to its lightweight you should have absolutely no issues with handling this stool whenever and wherever you need to.

One negative aspect is the carry sack. As with most things that are a tight squeeze this is no different. It can be hard bagging it, but if you hack a duffel bag/backpack/bigger carry sack then the problem is gone.



High weight rating

The carry bag is the only negative, but this is really a stretch

Very light


For lovers of hunting stools, this a definite must-watch when in the market for another hunting chair. The very good price you find these at is just one more reason to highly consider them and keep them on your list.

ALPS OutdoorZ Tri-Leg Hunting Stool

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Best ground blind chair – Cheapest option
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If the previous one was a higher-end product, then this one is the basic hunting stool that most hunters know. If you have hunted for any significant amount of time then you definitely have sat in one yourself. It’s a no-frills type of equipment that gets the job done and doesn’t shy away from what it is.

For such a low price you get a stool that only weighs in at 2 pounds, and which can handle around 250 pounds of hunter. Many swear that it can handle even more, but just to be on the safe side, try not to exceed the recommended weight.

I honestly can’t find any fault with it because it’s so cheap that if it breaks you can just get another one and not stress the loss.



Ultralight weight

Nothing at this price point

Will do the job done

I have used these all my life and I can honestly say that everybody should own one. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hunt, buy one for camping, fishing, your porch, your backyard, wherever. They are so small, cheap, and sturdy that you definitely will find a use for them.

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

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Best ground blind chair – Another great option
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This chair for the Browning Camping company is another top contender for the title of best/most comfortable chair. The quality of the chair is evident from the first glance you make at it. It’s then confirmed by the smooth swivel, the quick-drying fabric used on the seat, and the overall noise-free experience you have when using it. I know that the last part is a major sore spot for many hunters how absolutely hate (and for good reason) squeaky hunting chairs.

It also allows you to adjust its height from 17.5 inches to 23 inches which is just enough so that most people find their perfect spot. We meet another steel frame here, this one with a recommended maximum weight of 275 pounds.

At first glance, this is disappointing taking into account the overall quality of the chair, but not much can be done in my opinion because it lacks a fourth foot so that may be the reason for the reduced weight capacity. Another possible explanation is that the compressed piston that powers the chair is of weaker build quality than other similar chairs. Whatever the reason, the three legs it has all have adjustable swivel platforms so that you can set up anywhere you want without fear of sinking.

Handling the chair gets average marks with this weighing in at around 13 pounds, which is about average for its category and build material. It also comes with a shoulder strap for easy transportation, although a duffer bag would be a more efficient way of moving it.



360-degree swivel

Lower weight capacity

Adjustable height

Independently adjustable legs

If you can look past the limited weight capacity this really is a darn good hunting chair. It has most of the features that hunters look for, even though it only has three legs. A fourth would have made it an even better choice but thankfully for those that want it, they can find other alternatives in this list. I would recommend trying one out for yourself and seeing whether it fits you and then deciding from there. In case you have any doubts, there are plenty of other great hunting seats on this list.

Browning Strutter Hunting Chair

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Best ground blind chair – Best value for the money
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We have another Browning chair on the list, this time the Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair which is currently one of the bestselling hunting chairs there is. Its prime selling feature, in my opinion, is the fact that it has a lot of weight capacity (around 300 lbs.) but it only weighs around 7 lbs. That’s a combo that not a lot of hunting chairs have, and it means that moving this chair around is not a hassle at all even if you only use the shoulder strap. Couple that bit of info with the fact that it has a powder-coated steel body makes it an interesting proposition for a lot of hunters out there.

You also get some comfort for your money, as you get two padded armrests. It comes with four independently adjustable legs so that you can find a good seating position even on uneven ground.

A negative could be the fact that the fabric of the seat and the backrest is not exactly first class, so it might not last as long as you think. Other than that, it’s at a very attractive price point and that’s clear by the huge number of people who buy it.



Extremely lightweight

Fabric is prone to fraying/shearing

Independently adjustable legs

Cannot adjust height

High weight capacity taking into account its own weight

As I just mentioned, if you’re fine with its misgivings, then this is a perfectly fine ground blind hunting chair. You get a lot of bang for your bucks, trust me on that. So why are you still standing here? Go and get one for yourself.

Hawk Stealth Spin Chair

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Best ground blind chair – Best swivel chair
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Now this one may just be the most silent swivel chair that I ever sat in. It has the same 360 degrees of action but with barely a sound when rotating.

As many others like it, it’s built using a strong powder-coated steel structured and has a recommended maximum weight capacity of around 300 lbs.

Being a premium piece of equipment, it has the top-of-the-range mesh fabric for a luxurious seating experience that is also durable and breathable. The premium experience also includes padded armrests and the overall ergonomic design of the seat.

You also get four independently adjustable swivel feet, which allow you to position the chair almost anywhere you want, regardless of the terrain. Also having swivel feet helps with not sinking into the ground after a while.

All this comes in at around 13lbs., which is not to bad all things considered. A bit on the heavy side, but nothing a strong hunter can’t handle.

It’s hard to find a negative to this chair, maybe some people won’t feel so comfortable in it, but that’s more a matter of taste that design or build execution.



360 degrees of movement

Apart from the weight, not much

Breathable mesh & Padded armrests

Independently adjustable swivel feet

Here we have another top swivel chair that in all honesty deserves the price you pay for it. It a premium product that meets all the needs a hunter could have while still getting a very good quality/price ratio. I’m all for getting the maximum value per dollar spent so if something doesn’t quite meet the mark then it’s a no recommendation from me. I only recommend what I truly believe is a great purchase, and I don’t shy away from calling out a product/brand if I honestly feel that’s the right thing to do.

How to choose the best ground hunting blind chair for you

As you probably are well aware, making a wise choice when purchasing something can be the difference between using your money for the maximum effect or throwing them down the drain. I want to show you what are some of the things you should consider before buying a new hunting chair.

Dimension and Weight

Two very important factors in the overall decision-making process should the height and the footprint of your chair. The ability to adjust the height of your chair will give you more flexibility when aiming and also when it comes to what blinds you can use. The height of the chair needs to take into consideration the height of the ground blinds windows/peek hole, the fact that you have to be a bit higher than usual so that you can aim while still standing down.

The chairs overall footprint matters when it comes to the size of your blind. If you are in a small two-person blind, you may want to check and make sure that your chair and another can fit in the same space.

And finally, weight is also important because in addition to your chair you’re also carrying additional equipment, so the 10-15 lbs. from the chair will rapidly increase the overall poundage you have to take. This part may not always matter, but it’s important to keep it in mind.

Weight Capacity

Usually, weight capacity is a non-issue for most people because they will not reach the maximum limit of a chair. However, for those that need it, there are plenty of chairs in the 300-400lbs range that can support even the biggest hunters among us. Just be sure that when getting a chair that’s intended for more weight that you also try to get the most quality build you can because in time if the workmanship or materials are shoddy it will begin to bend and wear out and eventually it will break (hopefully not with you on it).  

Materials and Durability

Material quality will usually determine two things: longevity and price. The higher quality materials a chair has, the longer it should last and usually the price will reflect this.

For the frame of the chair, it’s really simple, look for powder-coated steel or aluminum. Steel will give you a more robust structure but that usually comes at increased weight and aluminum will give you almost the same structural integrity but with a noticeable lower weight. The powder-coating part will help prevent rusting if it doesn’t chip and should if the chair is properly maintained, help with preserving the chair’s structural integrity for many years.

If you are talking about durability you usually don’t have to worry about the metal parts so much because the one weak point of all hunting chairs is the fabric for the seat and the backrest. That will usually break first, so try to find a chair that has a higher quality mesh so that you have better odds at it lasting a long time.


While comfort is important, it’s not the be all end all when it comes to a hunting chair. You know it can’t replace your recliner, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel like crap the entire time you are sitting in it.

The mesh fabric on most chairs is a hit or miss in the comfort department, but if you really want it there are some chairs that have lumbar support or padded backrests. Armrests are really comfy features, that I wholeheartedly recommend because it’s a lot easier on your arms than without them. For those that really cherish their comfort, you can even find padded armrests that go along with the padded backrest and suddenly your hunting chair starts transforming into a basic version of a recliner.


This one is really easy to figure out, the bigger and heavier the chair is, the harder it will be for you to carry it to your blind. Chairs in the 15 lbs. and below can still be carried using a shoulder strap or duffel bag, but any more than that and moving it will become a chore. So, if you want a 20-25 lbs. chair, use an ATV to move it.


While it’s not as important as other things, having a waterproof chair will help it last a lot more in the rain and the snow than it would otherwise. Most chairs are waterproof so it’s actually kind of hard to find one that isn’t.


A chair that can swivel is much more versatile than a static chair simply because it’s easier to aim at a moving target using it. If you also have a chair that’s equipped with a shooting stick/bow holder then aiming will become a piece of cake. Try to find chairs that offer 360 degrees of motion as they offer the most value for the money. 180-degree chairs are almost as expensive as the 360-degree ones, and there are honestly not worth it.


Another thing most people don’t think about is the amount of noise a chair makes. It can squeak, it can crack/pop and if you are unlucky it will spook your target. The major noisemakers are the swiveling mechanism and the fabric of the chair. So, try to find chairs that take special care to be extra quiet, because a few more bucks are worth it in this case. Better mesh materials, better engineered swiveling mechanism will help with noise reduction.

Closing Words

I hope that the advice I’ve given you will help you choose the best ground blind chair for you. Take your time, study your options, think about what you need from it, what’s your budget, and then come back to this list and choose the best one for you.

I’m sure that in my list you will definitely find something that will suit you just perfectly and which will last for a lot of years. Every chair on this list has a great quality/price ratio so don’t be afraid of the choice you make because it won’t be the wrong one. Happy hunting!