Best ground blind swivel chair

Here are 7 of the Best Ground Blind Swivel Chair in 2022

Hunting is all about patience and mobility. If you want that extra bit of mobility why not check out my best ground blind swivel chair list? You will definitely find something you'll love here.

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Although I don’t consider myself to be some great ground blind hunter, I do use them from time to time. Maybe, more importantly, I have a lot of friends that hunt that way and which shared their insight and tips with me. One of the best tips that emerged from that pool of knowledge was if you can, use a swivel chair.

It doesn’t have to be the best ground blind swivel chair money can buy, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be able to swivel for preferably 360 degrees.

For all the new hunters out there, that are thinking “what’s the big deal in getting a swivel chair?” I only need one argument to convince you of its use, and that is – increased mobility. A simple reason, but an extremely important one when it comes to hunting.

Now the difference between a normal chair and a swivel chair is that the swivel chair if set up properly will allow you to hunt while sitting down, so the amount of noise that you make is kept to a minimum. And the difference between an average ground blind swivel chair and some of the best ground blind swivel chair is that the latter will increase your odds even more because they will be as noise-free as possible.

Of course, you get other amenities when going with some of the best swivel chairs you can find on the market, but the most important thing is (and I cannot stress this enough) is the extra mobility you get out of a swivel chair compared to a regular one.

Best ground blind swivel chair reviewed

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Best overall option
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I like to start off strong and this is exactly what I’m going to do here. So, the first swivel chair on my list is also the one I consider to be the best ground blind swivel chair that you can find on the market. It really has almost all of the features that you want from a perfect swivel chair, it won’t break the bank and it has a superb quality/price ratio.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth has a rugged powder-coated steel frame which should be able to withstand some punishment and fully adjustable legs which have a wide ball and socket feet for placing them on uneven terrain. All that steel will come with a downside, and that is this chair weighs a bit over sixteen and a half pounds. The good thing is that it’s actually quite compact so handling it to and from the blind shouldn’t be such a hassle. The elevation range is also very good, ranging from 19” off the ground to 23” so it should fit a lot of blinds.

The maximum load size is about 275 pounds which granted leaves a bit to be desired, but it should be enough for most hunters. I would not exceed the recommended limit if I were you, because that can prevent the chair from swiveling properly.

Some of the negatives that I’ve noticed relate to the fabric which is used on the backrest. Some seats are prone to fraying, but it doesn’t happen that often. Squeaking may happen in time, but that’s nothing some WD 40 can’t fix.



Maximum comfort with a wide backrest

If you are unlucky the fabric may fray

Excellent build quality

Independently adjustable legs

All in all, this is one of the best ground blind swivel chair, even if you consider the faulty fabric (it’s not something that happens regularly). At the end of the day, nothing will last you forever. The only thing that we can do is try to get the best-made product we can and then maintain it so that it lasts as much as possible.

Millennium G100 Shooting Chair

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Best premium option
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This is what I would call a top-of-the-line model. For the number of features, this chair has I’m still amazed that this is still a chair. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it’s been designed for one thing, and one thing only, hunting.

Some of the features that may catch your fancy are the 360 degrees of motion, adjustable tripod legs, and a custom ComfortMAX backrest that promises to keep you comfortable for as long as you sit in it.

The G100s quality is evident from the moment you sit in it, to the materials used, the smoothness of the swivel, the sturdy frame, and the comfortable backrest. You would think that all this quality will come with a huge amount of weight but thanks to its aluminum frame it should only weigh in at 8.5 lbs. In reality, the weight is closer to 10 lbs., but that’s still a very decent number for such a sturdy chair.

Compare with the first chair on the list, the 8.5 lbs. – 10 lbs. of the Millennium are way easier to handle then the 16.5 lbs. of the ALPS.

Also, you even have pre-drilled holes for mounting the G101 shooting stick (which is sold separately).



Extremely comfortable to sit in

Nothing that I can think of

Great build quality

400 lbs. weight capacity

I have one of these chairs and honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, not even the ALPS. In my mind, this is the perfect balance of quality features, great build frame, and price. It’s at a great quality/price ratio (but a bit lower than the ALPS strictly because the Millennium is a bit more expensive).

I would dare to say that if you can get this chair at a discount, or you’re not bothered by it’s price, then this overall is 10% better than the ALPS I just reviewed.

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Another great choice
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This chair for the Browning Camping company is another top contender for the title of best/most comfortable ground blind swivel chair. The quality of the chair is evident from the first glance you give it. That impression of quality is then confirmed by the smooth swivel, the quick-drying fabric used on the seat, and the overall noise-free experience you have when using it.

I know that the last part is a major sore spot for many hunters how absolutely hate (and for good reason) squeaky hunting chairs.

It also allows you to adjust its height from 17.5 inches to 23 inches which is just enough so that most people find their perfect spot.

We meet another steel frame here, this one with a recommended maximum weight of 275 pounds. At first glance, this is disappointing taking into account the overall quality of the chair, but not much can be done in my opinion because it lacks the fourth foot so that may be the reason for the reduced weight capacity. Another possible explanation is that the compressed piston that powers the chair is of weaker build quality than what you find with other comparable swivel chairs.

Whatever the reason, the three legs it has all have adjustable swivel platforms so that you can set up anywhere you want with fear of sinking into the ground.

Handling the chair gets average marks from me with this weighing in at around 13 pounds, which is about average for its category and build material. It does come with a shoulder strap for easy transportation, but a duffel bag would be a more efficient way of moving it.



360-degree swivel

Lower weight capacity

Adjustable height

Independently adjustable legs

Giving a rating for this chair is pretty hard, simply because if it weren’t for the other swivel chairs already on this list then this would probably get the title of the best ground blind swivel chair. However, because that’s not the case then it kind of gets into the Another Great Choice category instead.

You have most, if not all the features you want from a good swivel chair, but the drawback is that it only has three legs (the same number as the Millennium). A fourth would have made it an even better choice but thankfully for those that want it, they can find other alternatives in this list.

I would recommend trying one out for yourself and seeing whether it fits you and then deciding from there. In case you have any doubts, then I would recommend just going for the ALPS because it’s the best ground blind swivel chair in my opinion.

Hunt Comfort Swivel Hunting Chair

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Best budget option
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Next up on my list is a brand that is not so well know as others on this list are, but which has the potential to be a top hunting brand in the future if it plays its cards right.

This is another swivel chair that gave me a great impression when I first used it because it has a special feature (will get to it in a minute). For now, just know that this swivel chair offers 360 degrees of smooth movement, has a steel powder-coated frame, and can carry up to 250 pounds.

In the ease-of-use department, it again gets average marks from me because at around 16 pounds it’s just on the average number for swivel chairs. So far so good, nothing truly special here.

The fabric of the chair is a proprietary ComfortTex technology, which claims to give the swivel chair more back comfort, and a faster drying process.

The special feature I was mentioning earlier is the most interesting thing about it, and that is the fact that it actually has two predetermined positions. One is the normal upright swivel chair position, and the second one is the ground hunting position if you are hunting for ducks or turkeys. You can freely alternate between the two stances depending on your circumstances. Mind you that the swivel function works on both settings.

In my mind, the two position features means that you get a much more versatile swivel chair and that makes your money go a longer way.



Two hunting positions (normal swivel chair – ground hunting)

Lower weight capacity then comparable models

ComforTex fabric

Overall versatility

After taking a good look at this, I’m not ready to say that it’s the best ground blind swivel chair, but what I will say is that I think that this might just be the best budget option for all the bargain lovers out there.

Bear with me while I recap, so we have 360 degrees swivel, steel frame, nice fabric, four feet with rubber caps for stability, and the interesting two-way usage feature. Add to that a very affordable price point and I think we have ourselves a winner here ladies and gentlemen for the best budget crown.  

All that remains is to try it out for yourselves and see if you like it. If you don’t like it, then don’t worry because there are a lot of great swivel chairs on this list for you to choose from.

Muddy Swivel-Ease Ground Seat

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Another great budget option
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Next up we have a brand that is mostly known for their tree stands, Muddy. What we have here is nothing to go wow about, it’s almost the perfectly average prototype for a ground blind swivel chair.

Nothing fancy about it, no notable special features that we have to know before considering it. But that does not mean it’s not good at what it does.

In fact, I would say that the products that usually don’t try to have all the bells and whistles are the ones that usually make very good to excellent base products. Notice I said base products earlier, I was referring to what the product in question actually is aka a swivel chair.

It’s not the best ground blind swivel chair you can find, but it will get the job done without fuss. Its tried and tested steel frame, 4 legs with rubber ends for more stability, comfortable fabric and a weight capacity of around 300 pounds make it a good swivel chair for most hunters out there.



Tried and tested platform

Doesn’t have adjustable legs


Increased weight capacity

This is another contender for the budget side of things, and for a very attractive price you get a solid chair. It’s as simple as that, you don’t need every feature under the sun if you are just looking for a swivel chair to put in your ground blind.

Sure, adjustable legs would be great, and maybe a more comfortable fabric, but at the end of the day you won’t become a worse hunter if you don’t have them. The base is what matters and the features are just the icing on the cake.

And in my opinion the base is very good and well worth the money you pay for it.

CHAMA – All-Terrain Swivel Chair

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Most versatile option
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We depart from the realm of traditional square swivel chairs for a while in order to take a look at a pretty interesting piece of equipment for CHAMA.

The people at CHAMA have made what I believe to be the most versatile swivel chair on the market today. The CHAMA stool/chair is extremely interesting from my point of view because it’s not strictly a hunting chair per se, it’s an all-around outdoor/indoor swivel chair.

Now there are a couple of things here that I’m sure will pique your interest, so let’s get straight to it.

It has three independently adjustable telescopic legs and it also has wide independently adjustable feet. So basically, it will sit level on practically any type of terrain you can find out in the wild. The amount of movement in the legs is second to none and you will be hard-pressed to find another swivel chair that can be adjusted as much as this one.

Hmm, did I mention that the backrest can be removed and so the swivel chair can be transformed into a swivel stool if you want it? I haven’t? Well, just consider that I did it anyway.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this swivel chair is that it’s extremely light. The whole package weighs in at about 8 pounds. And it can carry a max at around 300 pounds which is super impressive considering that chairs twice as heavy as it barely reaches that number. While the chair is light, it’s also extremely durable and will withstand a lot of punishment.

The good part is that being compact, lightweight, and easy to handle means that it gets top marks from me in that category, and it also means that you can use it in a lot more situations than your standard hunting swivel chairs. Want to use it for camping? No problem. What about carrying with you from blind to blind? Sure.

See, that’s the beauty of it’s ease of handling. You get a lot more opportunities to use it, so your money goes a lot further then with a standard hunting swivel chair.

Also, as a way to extend the usage you get out of this chair, all the fabrics used on it are coated with a durable water repellent and are UV treated.



Extreme versatility

None at the moment

Compact size

Very sturdy

Looking back at the strengths and weaknesses of this swivel chair, I have to say that in my opinion, this is among the best ground blind swivel chair that you can find. I think that overall, this is probably the most versatile of the bunch of chairs on this list.

You can pretty much use it anywhere you want, and for whatever reason and it won’t let you down. As always, I recommend trying stuff out for yourself before committing to something, strictly because everyone is different and opinions have a healthy dose of personal bias to them.

BenchMaster Shooting Chair

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Best ground blind swivel chair – Most comfortable option
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Up next we have an interesting BenchMaster swivel chair. What I personally like about this chair is that it comes straight out of the box with a very well-loved accessory, namely a gun rest.

To make things even better, the gun rest is fully adjustable, so whatever your height may be you will find that perfect shooting position for you.

It also features four independently adjustable legs with wide feet so you can set it up pretty much anywhere you want. It’s not quite the same amount of adjustability as in the CHAMA earlier, but it’s pretty close.

A need feature of this swivel chair is that the backrest can recline up to 50 degrees, so you can get comfortable for longer in it. Also, another neat little bonus is the ability to remove the armrests so that bow hunters have an easier time using them. The combo of reclining backrest and removable armrests give this swivel chair high marks when it comes to usability.

When it comes to comfort, BenchMaster has got your back (literally) because each chair comes with a durable foam backrest which will definitely increase the relaxing feeling you get when you are using it.

The only serious negative in my book is the fact that this chair weighs a ton compared to other swivel chairs. It weighs in at a massive 26 pounds of steel, foam, and fabric. Because of that, it will get bottom marks for ease of use.



Extremely comfortable

Very cumbersome to log around

Gun rest

Reclining backrest

All In all, for the title of the best ground blind swivel chair, this would come it at around the halfway point. Not because it’s a bad chair, it’s not by any metrics. The reason it gets a lower score is simply that its weight and overall size mean that its use is limited so that potentially you will get less use from it than other lighter swivel chairs.

However, I do believe that this is among the most comfortable chairs on this list, if no the most comfortable thanks to the foam backrest and the ability to recline.

If you don’t mind carrying this baby to your blind and then leaving it there, then it’s among the best ground blind swivel chair you can find anywhere. If transportation is an issue for you, then take a lot a the CHAMA swivel chair because it’s probably what you are looking for.

And with that my avid readers, this concludes my short review of what I consider to be the top contenders in the world of swivel hunting chairs. Of course, there are a lot more out there, but I think that I covered a decent amount of options that should make even the fussiest hunter find something he likes. As always, don’t take my word as gospel, and try stuff out for yourselves before buying them if you can.