West Virginia

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While deer season is very popular in the Mountain State, there are plenty of other types of wildlife to hunt! Bear, quail, wild boar, raccoon, squirrel and several other animals have their own seasons throughout the year! One of the most exciting animals that has just recently been introduced in West Virginia is elk! Over the past year, more than 60 elk have been introduced in West Virginia, and now the population is surpassing 100.

Before long, southern West Virginia will be a desirable destination for elk hunting. With so many options for hunting spanning across most of the year, West Virginia is the perfect place for your hunting getaway.

Full regulations here.

West Virginia Wild Boar Seasons

ArcherySept. 24-Dec. 31 and Feb. 4-6
General SeasonOct. 23-30 and Feb. 4-6

West Virginia Deer Seasons

Buck FirearmsNov. 22-Dec. 5
Archery and CrossbowSept. 25-Dec. 31
AntlerlessOct. 21-24, Nov. 22-25, Dec. 9-12 and Dec. 28-31**
MuzzleloaderDec. 13-19
Youth SeasonOct. 16-17 and Dec. 26-27

**Season dates vary by zone and hunts may only be legal in select counties.

West Virginia Turkey Seasons

Fall General SeasonOct. 9-17, Oct. 25-Nov. 14**
Spring General Season, Bearded OnlyApr. 18-May 22, 2021
Spring Youth SeasonApr. 16-17

**Season dates vary by zone.

West Virginia Black Bear Seasons

ArcherySept. 25-Dec. 31
FirearmsAug. 29-Dec. 31**

**Season dates vary by zone. For more information about bear hunting locations and dates, visit the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources website.

West Virginia Small Game Seasons

SquirrelSept. 11-Feb. 28
Ruffed GrouseOct. 16-Feb. 28
Bobwhite QuailNov. 6-Jan. 2
Rabbit and HareNov. 6-Feb. 28
PheasantNov. 6-Jan. 2**
RaccoonOct. 16-Feb. 28