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Best Blood Tracking Light in 2022

Need or want a new blood tracker? Wondering what is the best blood tracking light out there? Say no more, just check out my list.

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You take a deep breath, steady yourself because you know what’s coming. A couple of seconds later, you hold your breath and squeeze the trigger. The bullet found its target and you’re one happy camper. Only it doesn’t always happen this way, unfortunately.

It doesn’t matter whether you fired a gun or shot a bow, if you are a novice or an experienced hunter, sometimes you don’t get a single shot kill. When that happens, you know you have some tracking to do, you just don’t know how far you have to go.

Some try to track willy-nilly, more experience hunters know what to look for when tracking by way of their years of experience and some do the most logical thing there is, looking for blood. Blood tracking is one of those things that can a pretty difficult thing to do unless you make it easy on yourself. How can I make it easier I hear you asking? It’s simple, just use the best blood tracking light and you will find that your odds of finding your wounded prey increase dramatically. These tools can be a significant difference-maker between going home empty-handed and guilty because you didn’t finish off your prey, or finding it and accomplishing your task. If we are also talking about night hunting then these blood tracking lights are essential for any kind of tracking in the dark.

Best blood tracking light reviewed

Primos Bloodhunter HD

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Best blood tracking light – Best overall
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Now, the vast majority (myself included) of hunters believe that the Bloodhunter is probably the best blood tracking light that you can find. I know that Primos as a brand can be a hit or miss sometimes but not in this case.

The thing that sets the Bloodhunter apart is the fact that it uses a patented optical filter that helps reduce the color of foliage in order to amplify the blood on them. It also comes with 2 usage modes, one high-powered one where it makes full use of its 600-lumen output for blood tracking and a second low-power mode that can be used for regular use.

To power the beefy CREE XM LEDs that generate 600 lumens you will find the rare CR123 batteries, which although are slightly more expensive than the regular AA are vastly more powerful.

Standout features

  • State-of-the-art custom optic filter and LED technology make tracking with this flashlight a breeze.
  • Low weight and good handling make using it easy.
  • Also comes with a holster so no need for a backpack just for it.
  • At a very good price point



Great performance

Not as sturdy as other flashlights

Small size and weight


This is my personal favorite blood tracking flashlight, and I use it every time I go night hunting. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s damn near considering its price point. I could go on and on about it but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to try it and see how you like it. For my money, I consider this the best blood tracking light.

EdisonBright Nitecore 1000 Lumen

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Best blood tracking light – Best premium choice
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When you think about what you want from the best blood tracking light you start checking mental and sometimes physical boxes. Well, I’d like it to be versatile so that I can use it anywhere, be small and light so that I don’t know I have it on me until I reach for it, have a good battery so it doesn’t die on me, good solid build so that it doesn’t break easily. Not asking for a lot, right? Well, that’s exactly what the folks at EdisonBright thought when they made this flashlight. It ticks all the boxes I mentioned and even more.

Powerful beam – check, sturdy build – check, good battery life – check, multiple color filters – check, compact package – check. As you can see, it fills your needs pretty damn well if I do say so myself.

Standout features

  • Patented Smart Ring Technology gives users the ability to accurately decide upon the brightness of the flashlight for 0.5 lumens to 1000 lumens. And you do this all with just twisting a dial.
  • 4 secondary color LEDs (Red, Green, Blue & Ultraviolet) which give you the ability to track game, track blood, security/fraud detection and so on.
  • 2nd generation proprietary reflector coating technology for maximum beam distance.



All in one package

Can’t find any significant negatives


Variable brightness control

If It wasn’t for the lower price of the Bloodhunter then this would be my number one pick. Although I have to admit that this one has a lot more features than the Bloodhunter so the price is more than justified. You get this one, and you don’t need another flashlight.

WINDFIRE 3 in 1 Flashlight

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Best blood tracking light – Best value for the money
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I would rank this among the higher echelons of blood tracking kits that in part to its great price and the fact that overall its versatility is something to prize. You don’t have all the fancy features of the Nitecore, but on a basic level, you can do without them. I’m a firm believer that there isn’t just one piece of equipment that does the job, there are multiple that can fill that gap and deliver. What you pay for in essence are the additional features, construction quality, battery life, and warranty.

Standout features

  • Integrated color filters (Red, Green, and UV) which can be changed with a press of a button.
  • It can be barrel mounted using the same attachments as lasers, R/G dot sights, scope QD thumb Nut. Easy to use, quick to mount and release system.
  • You also get a complete hunting kit which includes rechargeable batteries, battery charger, remote pressure switch, and a barrel mount.



Extremely attractive price point

Lacks the same build quality as others on the list


Lack a white light color filter for everyday use

Hunting kit

I would categorize this flashlight as a no fuss piece of gear, it does what it says on the tin but don’t expect premium features. It doesn’t pretend to be able to do everything but what it claims it can do it generally does well.

Rayovac Sportsman

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Best blood tracking light – Cheapest option
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What is a shoppers ultimate dream? I would say that it’s to find what they’re looking for, that does what they need it to and that has the lowest price you can find while still providing a decent quality.

This is basically what Rayovac have tried to accomplish with this 18 Lumen Blood Tracking Light (please note that the 110 and 180-lumen version do not have the blood tracking feature) and in my personal opinion, it seems that they have succeeded.

You won’t find any premium features here, and that is ok. This flashlight is mean to be a no fuss flashlight that does its job right.

Standout features

  • Impact-resistant body thanks to its anodized aluminum construction.
  • Three modes of operation, red LEDs, unique violet LEDs, and white LEDs tell the entire story.



Lowest price of the entire list

Average quality

Does what it says on the box

Average battery life

At the same price as a couple of pizza you get a good blood tracking flashlight, that won’t disappoint as long as you know what you are getting. Managing expectations is the most important piece of advice I can give when it comes to this. It’s good, it works, it’s cheap and that OK.

As I said the difference isn’t related to their ability to do the job at hand, but with all the extras that they have attached on them. And with that I close my case on this great flashlight.

How does blood tracking work?

Unless you work in Hollywood, you’ll know that blood doesn’t magically appear when you turn on a UV light. It actually absorbs UV light and will appear black so good luck tracking in those conditions. What does work, (but it doesn’t give you X-ray vision) are LEDs or color filters in the cyan to blue color spectrum.

The different colored LEDs are meant to create a contrast between the blood and the foliage. The brightness also matters in the grand scheme of things because the more you illuminate the ground the easier it’s to spot the blood tracks.


Q. What’s the best color for blood tracking?

A. There is no one color that is the perfect one, but instead we have to start thinking about a specific color spectrum. And that color spectrum is the blue-violet one. That spectrum is the most efficient at creating a powerful contrast between blood and the surrounding vegetation.

Q. Can you track blood during the day?

A. In general, blood tracking lights will work regardless of when you use them. But as with any type of flashlight, they will be a lot more efficient when used in a setting without a lot of light. My suggestion is to only use them at night because you can see blood pretty easily during the day, but you do you.

Q. Can black lights detect blood?

A. The short answer is no. Blood as opposed to other bodily fluids is not fluorescent and will turn dark when exposed to black light. The way to make it visible is to spray it with luminol which will give it a blue-glow when exposed to a black light.

So, if you don’t want to carry an FBI crime investigation case with you on a hunt, then I suggest you get a normal blood tracking flashlight. You don’t need to get crazy with it, just get one that shines in the correct color spectrum and it’s going to work. Don’t overthink it, use this guide, find one that you like, and get to hunting.

Q. What animals can see blue light?

A. Most animals will be able to see blue light at certain wavelengths (it’s different for every mammal) so you will be using that light just for blood tracking and to for actually spotting or moving/trekking. For hunting, stick to red and green according to what you are hunting and you’ll be fine.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that you should do your research before getting any kind of gear. See what’s important for you, and I’m sure that you will get the best blood tracking light for you. Try multiple options and when you find something that has all the things you need, then you know you have a winner.